Case Study #1

After going to doctor after doctor, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997. Most of the doctors I saw in the beginning didn’t have any answers and pushed my problems and symptoms aside. After the final diagnosis, I was immediately put on Prozac. When I asked why, they stated that all MS patients are put on an antidepressant medication. I was also prescribed a daily injection of Copaxone (MS medication). I had allergic reactions to this and was taken off the Copaxone and given Avonex (a once-a-week injection). It had many side effects, the worst being flu-like symptoms, leaving me unable to function for 24 full hours. Although it was a once-a-week injection, I had one neurologist have me take it twice a week. For a period of about two years on this injection, I was having one MS exacerbation after another. For each exacerbation, I was put on Solu-Medrol and Prednisone. More side effects followed. 

This wasn’t working, so I was put on another injection, Betaseron. Along with the Betaseron, I was also taking eight other prescriptions to counteract the adverse side effects and also as precautions for any other symptoms. I slowly took myself off these medications because they weren’t helping. They were causing more problems and every time I mentioned those problems, the doctor’s answer was just more prescriptions. I eventually built up antibodies to the Betaseron. During all this time, I was also having migraine headaches. Every doctor I went to was willing to write me at least three prescriptions just for migraines. When I asked to be tested to find the cause of the migraines, their responses were, “That will take too long. Just take the medicine prescribed and it will help you sleep off the migraine.” No real answers except, “The cause of the migraines could be many things.”

I was tired of getting no results and a bunch of prescriptions that would make me feel worse and not help the problem. It was then that I spoke with a friend who told me about Dr. Sainsbury. I set up an appointment immediately. 

I had my first appointment with Dr. Sainsbury on September 23, 2006. I was amazed at what he found and the explanations given to me about everything. It all made sense finally.

When I was a child and went for the required school physicals, I was told that I may have a sluggish thyroid, but not to worry, it was nothing. Dr. Sainsbury found an energetic disturbance with my thyroid, without me telling him about it. It was something that I had forgotten about but he found it to be part of the cause of my problems. 

The EDS (Electro Dermal Scan) results showed the migraines, my Raynaud’s Phenomenon, female problems, constant metallic taste in mouth, etc., were caused from toxins and nutritional deficiencies in my body. Dr. Sainsbury gave me a plan to balance and heal my body, which included nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies to detoxify the mercury, copper, nickel, candida yeast and parasites out that were showing up as the cause of my symptoms. Dr. Sainsbury recommended I have my metal dental fillings removed and replaced with composites. 

When I left the exam, I was in tears. For the first time in years, I actually had answers as to what was going on with my body.

Since I’ve been on Dr. Sainsbury’s program and had the silver dental fillings removed, the metallic taste in my mouth has disappeared. Within just a couple of days of taking the supplements the difference I felt was amazing. The heaviness in my legs was gone, the tingling in my hands and feet was gone, my leg spasms seemed to be gone and I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. And no migraines! All this without prescription-drug side effects.

A couple of weeks after seeing Dr. Sainsbury, I had an appointment with my neurologist, who had taken me off the Betaseron because the side effects were getting worse. I was getting physically ill after each injection. His suggestion was another type of injection, one that was just recently put back on the market after having been removed because it was causing more damage than helping. Two people died from taking it. 

When I refused to take it because of that fact, he was upset with me. I explained to him that I was doing a detox/cleanse program recommended by a naturopathic doctor. He said I was wasting my money and I needed these prescriptions. When I told him how good I was feeling from being on the natural program he shook his head, dropped my chart down, threw his hands in the air and said, “I’m done. There’s nothing I can do for you. You’ll have to find another doctor.” I walked out of that office without a handful of prescriptions and knew I did the right thing.

Another benefit from doing the detox and cleansing that I didn’t expect was that my hair was coming back. Years ago, my hair had slowly been falling out, and I was told there was nothing that could be done about it, it was just a fact of life. But now, little by little, it’s coming back. 

For the first time in years, I have a doctor who hears what I’m saying and has answers and solutions for me. I feel like I’m living now and not merely existing. I’m not just another prescription.

Thank you, Dr. Sainsbury!

Kim Powell

Newnan, Georgia

        Case Study #2

In 1989, I started working for the State of Alabama with the Department of Human Resources. My desk was right beside the air conditioning vent and the carpet was always wet. I worked in an office with 80 other women and with them came an enormous array of perfumes, air fresheners, soaps, etc. I soon began having headaches. I went to my medical doctor, who tested me and found nothing wrong. He prescribed antidepressant medication? I then went to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor who said I needed nose surgery. A couple of years later, that doctor was arrested for fraud. I then went to see an allergist and he put me on allergy pills and nasal spray. I continued to get worse.

I started having serious female problems. I would start hemorrhaging and have a period every two weeks. My doctor put me on serious painkillers that would knock me out for days. He put me on birth control pills, monthly shots and then gave me a hysterectomy. 

My health went downhill fast. My joints started to ache to the point that I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed with arthritis. Then I started alternating between cramping with diarrhea, and bloating with constipation. I would throw up almost every day. The doctor diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). My blood pressure shot up high, so he put me on blood pressure medication. Then I started getting a metal taste in my mouth right before I would have a reaction of joint pain, stomach pains, etc. 

By January 2006, my doctor had me on six different medications. I was taking a drug for blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, IBS, birth control and anti-depressants. I kept getting worse and worse and gained 35 pounds in three months. I felt so bad that many days I couldn’t make it into work. 

I did some research and found the only chemical allergy doctor in Alabama up in Gadsden. So, I went to have all the allergy tests done. He found me to be allergic to almost everything inside buildings but nothing outside. I was diagnosed with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). He told me that I was allergic to my environment and that I would probably be on disability within a year. He said there were people that were better off than me who were already on disability so I needed to get myself prepared. He said there was no cure and it would only get worse!

He put me on three different allergy drops (more drugs!) and told me to wear a mask and long sleeves. I had to get rid of all my chemicals in the house, quit wearing makeup and never dye my hair again. I did all this and kept having reactions. 

In May, my son graduated from high school. I went to the graduation and they had scented candles and flowers. All the chemicals in the air were more than I could handle. After 15 minutes, I was so sick that I couldn’t see or walk. My husband had to carry me out. I missed my only child’s graduation!

I couldn’t walk for three days. I went back to the doctor and told him what happened and he looked at me and said, “Well, Kay, you’ve got to stay away from those types of situations.” I couldn’t believe it! I was 41 years old and I felt like my life was being taken away from me! One day my child would get married. Am I supposed to miss that too?

As I was leaving Gadsden, I was crying and praying for help. I saw a sign that said, “Natural Healing Clinic.” I figured that I had nothing left to lose so I pulled in and made an appointment.

A week later, I met my hero, Dr. Reed Sainsbury. This man saved my life! I feel like I’ve gained 10 years to my life! There are only a few people who have had an impact on my life. Dr. Sainsbury is very high on that list. 

When I came in for my appointment, I had a reaction from perfume worn by another patient. I couldn’t see to fill out the paper work and by the time I went into his office I was crying out of frustration. My hands and ankles hurt. I could hardly think. I was so tired of going to doctors and not getting well. I thought to myself, “This doctor is a quack, I’m wasting my money.”

Dr. Sainsbury tested different points on my hands and feet with a probe and the computer would give different readings as to which areas of my body were balanced and out of balance. He found that my liver was very toxic and had an extremely low energy reading. He found that I was allergic to dairy products. He put me on a detoxifying and nutritional program with an emphasis on flushing out my liver. The next thing I knew, I was feeling better. 

It’s been a year and I’m able to do just about anything now. I’m off all of my prescription medications and feel great. I’ve started living life again. I’ve started dancing, which was something I thought I’d never be able to do again. I’m even taking some night classes at the local college. It feels so great to be around the living again!

I went back to my old doctor, just one more time, for a physical. He asked me what I was doing because all my lab work came back good. No high blood pressure, no high cholesterol and I have lost 30 pounds. I told him about Dr. Sainsbury and showed him what herbs and other nutritional formulas I was taking. He looked at them and said, “Well, if you believe something works, it will.” I told him, “Well — I believed that you and the drugs you kept giving me were going to work too!”

Kay Dement

Montgomery, Alabama

      Case study #3


In March of 2007, my health began to deteriorate. My hair began to fall out and I started having miserable hot flashes around the clock every hour or two, even while sleeping, which made it extremely hard to rest well. I would wake up at 2:15 a.m. every night, and it would take hours for me to get back to sleep.  

When I first came to Dr. Sainsbury, I had not had a menstrual cycle in over three months. Prior to my appointment with Dr. Sainsbury, I went in to see my gynecologist to check my hormone levels to see if I was experiencing menopause. The lab work came back completely normal with no signs of menopause. 

My beautician, Ava Berry, told me about Reed Sainsbury, a naturopathic doctor who could help with these types of problems. I was somewhat reluctant to try this holistic health care, but decided to give it a shot since my regular doctor had no solution for my problems. 

My first visit with Dr. Sainsbury was on May 10, 2007. After an EDS exam, we found that I had several issues. He recommended a few herbal and nutritional formulas (including borage oil, Lunazon & Sumacazon) to bring my body back into balance. I began my nutritional program that same day and have not had one hot flash since!!! It worked that quickly for me. I started having my period again and since being on this program have had one each month. I began sleeping all night within a week. I do not wake up at 2:15 a.m. anymore like I used to. I feel so much better and more rested during the day now. My hair not only stopped falling out but also is so shiny and healthy-looking now. Not only did the problems that I went in for improve, but also my joints that used to ache are better. My skin is no longer dry; it feels like I have lotion on even when I do not. My fingernails do not split and crack anymore; in fact, I have to trim them and I have never had to do this before! Constipation is no longer a problem either. 

 I had previously had a bone density test in 2004 that showed that I had Osteopenia. My GYN doctor prescribed calcium for me but I didn’t take it because it caused constipation. In August, I went in for my gynecological visit and another bone density test. When my bone density test came back this year (August 2007), it showed improvement. My doctor was very impressed because he said hardly anyone my age shows improvement. He wanted to know what I had been doing that caused such remarkable improvement. I told him about the Liga-Plus formula and some other natural formulas for bones and joints that Dr. Sainsbury put me on. 

After being on Dr. Sainsbury’s seven-week program I went back in for another EDS evaluation. Every point that was out of balance at my first appointment checked balanced, near perfect. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met Dr. Sainsbury and heal my body naturally. Not only do I feel better physically and have more energy but I feel better mentally as well. I feel that my life is in balance. I am on a maintenance schedule now, but if I ever have a feeling of being ‘out of balance’ again, I know where to go. Thank you, Dr. Sainsbury and Karen, for your help and kindness.

Leigh Reynolds

Hokes Bluff, Alabama 

          Case study #4

Most of my adult life I have had numerous health problems. About 14 years ago I was stricken with a strange flu-like virus that would not go away. After seeing two or three medical doctors and 6 months later, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Epstein-Barr. I was told there was no known treatment. For many years I had experienced chronic fatigue, especially after overexertion or periods of stress. 

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in the early 1960s. In this last decade, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mini-stroke, osteoporosis, food and inhalant allergies, gastrointestinal problems, high triglycerides, anxiety attacks, depression, TMJ, and fibromyalgia. The fibromyalgia contributed to many of my problems. The debilitating fatigue was probably the hardest to deal with. Household activities were very limited, while church and social events were practically nonexistent. 

The medical doctors only knew to keep adding prescription drugs for treatment of all my medical problems. The cost of treatment for my medical problems, along with menopause and hypothyroidism, was a $600 to $700 pharmacy bill a month. As I was taking all the medication prescribed by the medical doctors, I realized that the drugs were slowly killing me. I was in constant pain and discomfort. I couldn’t sleep, and riding in a car was almost unbearable. My digestive system was extremely messed up, and I got very little relief with any medication prescribed for the stomach. 

For all my medical problems, I was sent from doctor to doctor and had scans, X-rays, MRIs, echo-cardiograms, colonoscopies, endoscopies, neurological testing, and blood work of every type. With all the testing, evaluations and medication, nothing corrected my problems. I have been under the care of several different chiropractors during the last decade. I am not a “doctor hopper” as it may sound, but several of the doctors who treated me threw up their hands and gave up on me. 

My latest doctor of internal medicine, who I have been seeing for the last four to five years, knew I was developing an interest in alternative medicine since the medical field gave me no hope or lasting help. In April 2004, my medical doctor admitted medical science had no cure for me and she suggested I seek other means of help if I chose to do so. She said if I found a naturopathic doctor whom I felt comfortable with, to go with her blessings. This was a big change of direction for me, because I was indoctrinated to follow only mainstream medical practice. 

I checked several places of alternative medicine within driving distances, but was not satisfied that they were right for me. My present chiropractor, Dr. Jon Alan Smith, recommended I see a naturopathic doctor in Gadsden. After talking with Dr. Sainsbury on the phone, I knew that I was being led in the right direction. On June 3, 2004, I had my first visit Dr. Sainsbury. I went with some hesitation, but I knew if I were to have a better life, or life at all, I had to try a different approach. I carried a bag full of medication (nine prescription drugs plus over-the-counter stuff). Dr. Sainsbury cued in on my multitude of problems and began addressing the most pressing problems by addressing the cause with natural supplements. 

Since Dr. Sainsbury has been working with me, replacing drugs with natural supplements, I have shown remarkable improvement physically, emotionally and mentally. At the present, I am taking two to three very small doses of prescription drugs, and before long, I hope to be off all the chemicals. The last two months, my pharmacy bill has been $35 instead of $600 to $700. My internist is elated with my state of health. My weight has dropped 20-plus pounds, and all my blood work and physical exams are good. Although medical insurance does not cover Dr. Sainsbury’s programs, as I told my medical doctor, I would rather be where I am health-wise today than have the amount of money used for the programs. To quote her, “There is no price you can place on good health.”

I am far from where I was health-wise in June 2004, and on January 18, 2005, I am not where I want to be. By God’s grace and using Dr. Sainsbury as His instrument, I will be where I want to be health-wise soon. I now have a “HOPE” for some quality years ahead. Jeremiah 29:11

Thank God for Dr. Reed Sainsbury.


Albertville, Alabama

          Case study #5


Since the time I was about 13, I have been plagued with migraines. As I got older, not only did the migraines worsen in severity but also frequency. I would sometimes get them three to six times a month, and they would last anywhere from one day to four days, not including the 24-hour recovery time needed to get all the drugs out of my system. 

I tried every migraine drug I could get my hands on and when all else failed I was prescribed strong painkillers. About three times a year I was taken to the ER or my doctor’s office for a shot because nothing would take the pain away. I was terrified of becoming addicted to painkillers, but even more terrified of the horrendous pain of the migraines that disabled me. I remember so many times that the pain was so excruciating that I would crawl to the bathroom, lay my head on the toilet to throw up and just lay on the floor with my hands clutching my head sobbing in pain. 

I felt as though every time I got a migraine, I lost a part of my life that I could not get back. It seemed as though I revolved around my pain. Most days, I woke up in pain from a “normal” headache, afraid that this would turn into a migraine. After a change in my typical pattern of migraines I was sent once again for a MRI/MRA. This time an abnormality showed up which sent me once again to a neurologist. The abnormality turned out to be scarring in the brain matter, similar to people who have MS or who have had a stroke. I was put on several different types of medicine, the last being a nerve medicine used to treat shingles. 

I finally had enough of all the doctor’s appointments, the therapy, and especially all the medicine. At this point, I was on nine various types of medications and began to wonder if I had a serious medical problem. All the treatments had failed.  

In July 2007, I got serious and started flying from Michigan to Alabama to see Dr. Sainsbury every eight to 10 weeks. He did an EDS exam and found many imbalances in my body causing the migraines. He found allergies and I was given remedies to desensitize them. Chemical poisoning showed up causing an imbalance in my liver. My pituitary gland was way out of balance as well. He put me on nutritional support and detoxification formulas and I began to improve.

I have now been three months without a headache or migraine. I am invigorated when I wake up every morning, without even a trace of pain. I am now down to only two prescriptions on a regular basis instead of nine. It is wonderful that I no longer need painkillers, migraine medicine or anti-depressants. This experience has been a life-altering event for me! 

Annette Morgan 

Clinton Township, Michigan

       Case study #6

For many years I have had problems with heartburn and indigestion. I had to take antacids after every meal or I would be completely miserable. I thought this was just the way it was for some people. 

One day at work I really started having problems with heartburn. It got so bad that I couldn’t stand up straight for an extended period of time. I had sharp pains between my shoulder blades and in my chest. I went into the medical clinic at work and they thought that I was having a heart attack. The doctor wanted me to go to the emergency room immediately. I didn’t feel like that was what I needed to do. Instead, I called and made an appointment with Dr. Sainsbury. 

Dr. Sainsbury did an EDS scan on me to determine the cause of my symptoms. No energetic disturbances were detected with my heart and circulation. But when he checked my gallbladder it was very high and my stomach and small intestine points checked very sluggish on the computer. Dr. Sainsbury found the supplements that checked the best to flush out my liver and gallbladder. He also recommended digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to support my digestive system. 

I started taking the products and by the next day I was feeling much better. As the days went by, I kept improving. It wasn’t long before my heartburn and indigestion stopped altogether. I am now healthy and no longer experience heartburn and indigestion. The products gave my body the tools it needed to heal. Now I don’t even have to take antacids after meals and I feel great. I know that if I would have gone to the hospital, they would have removed my gallbladder and that would have led to future health problems. 

I have total confidence in Dr. Sainsbury and the way that he addresses the cause of symptoms by giving the body what it needs to heal. I take my wife and children to him whenever any of them have problems. I highly recommend Dr. Sainsbury and his natural healing programs for anyone who has health problems. I am the type of person who has to see or experience something in order to believe it. He made a believer out of me. I am convinced that natural healing works! 

Joey Nelson

Rainbow City, Alabama 

        Case study #7

I’m a 60 year old Tool and Die Maker (machinist) by profession. For most of my life I have been very involved in athletics and fitness training. I am a 2nd degree Black Belt in Yoshukai Karate and was an instructor for 1 ½ years. I have also been an avid runner most of my life, running at least five miles a day.

Going to the gym every morning at 4:30 to train keeps me in shape but has taken a toll on my joints. For most of my life I have been in tip-top shape, able to do 500 push-ups and sit-ups without stopping. This I would do every day. When I was in my prime, I could do 200 consecutive pull-ups. I would spend four hours a day training in the gym. 

In 2003, I tore my meniscus in my left knee kicking. Then in 2005, I had my left shoulder scoped. I had torn the rotator cuff completely loose and also the bicep tendon. In 2006, I was attacked by a cat and had to have surgery on my right arm and wrist. The cat bite got infected and actually did nerve damage to my arm and caused me to lose some of the cartilage in my wrist. I had a lengthy recovery and did not heal well. My injuries forced me to stop training. In 2007, I had my right knee scoped. I felt like my body was falling apart and my joint pains were becoming unbearable. Then I hit another brick wall, pleurisy in my left lung, not to mention my sinus trouble that had been plaguing me for the last 20 years.

My chiropractor, Dr. Hudgins, has helped me get off the steroid drugs I was taking for my sinuses. She recommended I see Dr. Reed Sainsbury, a naturopath, for my other complaints.

I was taking Darvocet for pain, but that wasn’t enough so I started taking six to eight Aleve on top of that every day for joint pain. In the past I had been on Diclofenac, Celebrex, Loritab and massive amounts of Tylenol and aspirin. I was living on pain medication. 

When I went to see Dr. Sainsbury, he did an EDS exam and identified what was causing my joints to be in so much pain. He checked my pH and found that I was very acidic and taught me that my high-protein diet was killing me and preventing me from healing. He told me that if I wanted to get well, I would have to get off the acidifying meats and get on an alkaline-vegetable diet. I was willing to do anything to get rid of this pain. 

He found that my body had a tremendous amount of pesticides built up in my kidneys and liver, not to mention the pain medication-drug residue. He told me I was low on essential fatty acids and had a lot of calcium build-up in my body. He gave me some supplements to detoxify and nourish my body. 

 Once I got started on the detox program and began to juice vegetables every day (Dr. Oz’s green drink), my pain began to subside. The silver dollar-sized calcium deposit (carbuncle) on my foot has shrunk down to the size of a nickel since I’ve been on this program, and all of my pain is gone. It’s been two months now and I am feeling 80 to 90 percent better! I have come off all of my pain medication! I have turned things around and feel like a new person. I am amazed at how fast my body is healing. No drugs, no surgery, but lots of alkaline vegetables, herbs and nourishing supplements. 

A. Leon Smith

Guntersville, Alabama

More quotes to ponder


“Every drug stresses and hurts your body in some way.” Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. 1926-1988, Former President of the National Health Federation and Author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic

“For the past 50 years, I have been demonstrating that the use of natural nutritional treatment is and must be the most effective form of medicine and that when it is not used and the profession depends solely on the use of toxic drugs the results are abysmal.” Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., FRCP(C)

“There isn’t a single medication on the market that couldn’t be   replaced by a botanical remedy.” James Duke, Ph.D., Ethnobotanist,   Author of The Green Pharmacy

“I have found heavy metal toxicity in a large percentage (80 percent) of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, including thyroid disorders. In the case of autoimmune disorders, nearly 100 percent of my patients have laboratory signs of heavy metal toxicity.” David Brownstein, M.D.

“… much of what is called ‘scientific evidence’ is really disease-mongering designed to sell more drugs.” John Abramson, M.D., Harvard Medical School; Author of Overdosed America The Broken Promise Of American Medicine 

“We are made in the image of God … popping a pill every time we   are mentally or physically out of tune is not the answer. Drugs and surgery are powerful tools, when they   are not overused, but the notion of simple drug fixes is fundamentally   flawed. Every time a drug is introduced into the body to correct function A,   it inevitably throws off function B, C or D.” Bruce Lipton,   Ph.D. 

“My studies have proved   conclusively that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times   longer than treated individuals …. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, radical   surgery on cancer patients does more harm than good.” Dr. Hardin   Jones, University of California 



¨ “… Largely a fraud.” Linus Pauling, Ph.D., twice Nobel laureate

¨ “… a qualified failure.” John Bailar, M.D., Ph.D., former editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute

¨ “A medical Vietnam.” Donald Kennedy, former President of Stanford University

¨ “A bunch of sh_t.” James Watson, Ph.D., Nobel laureate, co-discoverer of the DNA code


“Mammograms increase the risk for developing breast cancer & raise the risk of spreading or metastasizing an existing growth.” Dr. Charles B. Simone

“Each one of us produces several hundred thousand cancer cells every day of our lives. Whether we develop clinical cancer or not depends upon the ability of our immune systems to destroy these cancer cells. That’s because cancer thrives in the presence of a deficient immune system.” Douglas Brodie, M.D.

“Please hear this: In the end, there is nothing   manmade that can heal cancer. Your immune system has to finish the job. In   fact, there’s nothing manmade that I know of that can actually heal any   disease.” Ben Johnson, MD,   N.M.D, DO 1950-2019


“Chemotherapy and radiotherapy make the ancient method of   drilling holes in a patient’s head to permit the escape of demons look   relatively advanced. Toxic chemotherapy is a hoax. Cancer treatment popular today effectively closes   the door on cure.” Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, 1911-1996

“Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with vodka. It’s like treating heart disease with cheese, or like treating diabetes with high-fructose corn syrup. Cancer cannot be cured by the very thing that causes it. Don’t let some cancer doctor talk you into chemotherapy using his fear tactics. They’re good at that. So next time he insists that you take some chemotherapy, ask him to drink some first. If your oncologist isn’t willing to drink chemotherapy in front of you to prove it’s safe, why on earth would you agree to have it injected in your body?” Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


“We doctors are taught in our medical training that virtually 80 percent of diseases have no known cause. We are not taught to treat the underlying cause of the disease, we are only taught to treat the symptoms. This does not get a person well.” Lorraine Day, M.D., Former Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, San Francisco Hospital


“Natural forces within us are the true healers.” Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine, 460-370 B.C.


“Whenever the immune system successfully deals with an infection, it emerges from the experience stronger and better able to confront similar threats in the future. Our immune system develops in combat. If at the first sign of infection, you always jump in with antibiotics, you do not give the immune system a chance to grow stronger.” Andrew Weil, M.D. 


“Gluten is the most commonly recognized environmental trigger that sets off any autoimmune reaction.” Dr. Tom O’Bryan 


“It takes an average of 17 years for research findings to work their way down to your local doctors. The problem is that you don’t have 17 years to waste.” Dr. Tom O’Bryan


“Optimizing your gut flora is far superior to getting a flu shot.” Dr. Joseph Mercola


“When we eat foods that have a high glycemic index, the grains and sugars in corn, wheat, rice, then we’re creating an environment that promotes fungal overgrowth, and that’s going to cause inflammation and that’s going to, again, incent cells to turn to cancer cells!” Dr. Roby Mitchell 


“Many physicians are seriously confused about (insulin resistance) and give insulin to type 2 diabetics to lower their blood sugar, which actually makes their insulin resistance worse and contributes to their premature death.” Dr. Joseph Mercola


“Type 2 diabetes is brought on by constantly having too much insulin and leptin circulating secondary to the same diet that has been recommended to treat diabetes and heart disease, a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. Then giving these diabetics more insulin is adding gasoline to the fire. Doctors couldn’t be doing more harm if they tried.” Ron Rosedale, M.D.


“Diets very high in fat and low in carbs can reverse type 2 diabetes.” Mark Hyman, M.D. 


“Taking an antibiotic is like dropping a bomb on your microbiome: The drug damages or destroys everything in its path, including both good and bad bacteria.”Dr. Tom O’Bryan


“Artificial sweeteners make you fat and diabetic.” Mark Hyman, M.D. 


“The ingredients of aspartame stimulate the neurons of the brain to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees.” Dr. Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon)

“When medication is needed to treat hypothyroidism, I believe that using a desiccated glandular thyroid product (e.g., Armour Thyroid, Nature-Thyroid or Westhroid) are much more effective treatment options as compared to using T4 derivatives. My clinical experience with using desiccated thyroid has shown that it is a superior product as compared to the synthetic versions of thyroid hormone presently available (such as Synthroid or Levothroid).” David Brownstein, M.D. 


“Medical practice has neither philosophy nor common sense to recommend it. In sickness, the body is already loaded with impurities. By taking drug-medicines, more impurities are added; thereby, the case is further embarrassed and harder to cure.” Elmer Lee, M.D., Vice President, Academy of Medicine 


“No physician can ever say that any disease is incurable. To say so blasphemes God, blasphemes Nature, and depreciates the great architect of   Creation. The disease does not exist, regardless of how terrible it may be,   for which God has not provided the corresponding cure.” Paracelsus


The diet hypothesis that suggests that a high intake of fat or cholesterol causes heart disease has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, and yet, for complicated reasons of pride, profit and prejudice, the hypothesis continues to be exploited by scientists, fundraising enterprise, food companies, and even governmental agencies. The public is being deceived by the greatest health scam of the century.” Dr. George Mann, Framingham Heart Study


“There hasn’t been a published study in the last 30 years that has unequivocally demonstrated that lowering serum cholesterol by eating a ‘low-fat, low-cholesterol diet’ prevents or reduces heart attack or death rate.” Dr. Donald W. Miller, Cardiac Surgeon, Professor of Surgery, University of Washington


“Your brain is 60 percent fat, and much of it is made of omega-3 fats and cholesterol. When you eat a low-fat diet, you are starving your brain.” Mark Hyman, M.D.


“If cholesterol were harmful to arteries, as so many have stated, the fetus would have a heart attack before the baby saw the light of day.” Broda Barnes, M.D.


“Disease is never acquired. It is always earned. Disease is a   natural result obtained from an unnatural lifestyle. … Disease occurs only   when one’s internal environment is favorable for disease growth. We create   our internal environments. … As you never see flies in a clean garbage can,   you also never see disease in a completely pure being.” Richard Anderson,   N.M.D.


“If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving   that germs seek their natural habitat — diseased tissue — rather than being the   cause of diseased tissue ….” Rudolph Virchow, The Father of   Cellular Pathology


“Root canal treated teeth have now been proven to have a direct cause and effect relationship with the formation of the blood clots that acutely block off the blood flow in the coronary arteries and cause myocardial infarctions. Root canal treated teeth are the direct cause for the vast majority of heart attacks, period.” Thomas E. Levy, M.D. 

“One third of all disease in this country can be either directly or indirectly traced to dental infections.” George E. Meinig, D.D.S., Author of Root Canal Cover-Up


“Mercury is the ‘spark’ that causes the ‘fires’ of autism as well as Alzheimer’s. Autism is the result of high mercury exposure early in life versus Alzheimer’s is a chronic accumulation of mercury over a life time. A doctor can treat ALL the ‘fires,’ but until the ‘spark’ is removed, there is minimal hope of complete recovery with most improvements being transient at best. However, once the process of mercury removal has been effectively started, the damage is curtailed and full recovery becomes possible and enhanced by utilizing various additional therapies including nutrition, hyperbarics, etc.” Rashid A. Buttar, D.O., FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM (Vice chairman, American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology)


“The hepatitis B vaccine has 250 mcg of aluminum. The adult daily max is 50 mcg of aluminum … Five times the adult maximum, you are going to inject into a newborn …  birthday present?” Paul Thomas, M.D. (Pediatrician, Portland, OR)


“When you give an injection like a vaccine, it explodes inside like a cluster bomb. All these diseases (diabetes, cancer, thyroid issues, etc.) use to be rare. Autism use to be 1 in 10,000. Now it’s 1 in 50. Now, where is it all coming from? Vaccines are doing it.” Dr. Shiv Chopra, Fellow of the World Health Organization


“… it’s troubling to me that in a recent Senate hearing on  childhood vaccinations, it was never mentioned that our government has paid  out over $3 BILLION through a vaccine injury compensation program for  children who have been injured by vaccinations… at the same time it has  claimed that vaccines do not cause injuries…” Bill Posey, U.S.   Representative, Florida


“40 years ago, when I started my practice, only 1 in 10,000 children had autism. Today it’s 1 in 100. What is the only difference we have seen? The inordinate number of vaccines that are being given to children today. My partners and I have over 35,000 patients who have never been vaccinated. You know how many cases of autism we have seen. ZERO, ZERO. I have made this statement for over 40 years: NO VACCINES, NO AUTISM.” Mayer Eisenstein, M.D.


“I have over 13,000 children in my pediatric practice and I have to say, as unpopular as this observation may be, my unvaccinated children are by far the healthiest.” Paul Thomas, M.D. 


“How often do we believe in something, not because we have in-depth research on it, but because authority figures tell us it is the truth? What if what we believe is just an illusion?” Roman Bystrianyk, Co-author, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History 


“You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected   and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some   nonvaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no one else is   carrying. It just doesn’t make any sense.” Larry Palevsky, M.D.   (Pediatrician)


“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin, Russian Communist, 1870-1924


“It’s been known for quite some time that injecting the body with Aluminum Hydroxide can trigger any kind of allergy, in animals, for instance. It now turns out that you can make mice allergic by feeding them apples or nuts together with medication for heartburn. These drugs contain Aluminum Hydroxide as an active substance and apparently, Aluminum turns the immune system against a simultaneously administered substance.” Bert Ehgartner, Author of Age of Aluminum 


“You couldn’t even construct a study that shows thimerosal is safe. It’s just too damn toxic. If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die, if you put it in a petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage.” Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor & Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky


“Thimerosal is the preservative in immunization shots, so anytime you get an immunization shot you are undergoing the same procedure that in the University Lab we used to give animals autoimmune disease — give a little tiny injection of mercury. And when you get an immunization shot you are getting a little tiny dose of mercury there.” Hal Huggins, DDS 


“The aluminum in vaccines is not the same aluminum that you ingest or inhale. The aluminum in vaccines is in such a structure that it can easily pass into the brain and bring with it viruses and bacteria.” Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. 


“I would not take the flu vaccine. My wife does not take the flu   vaccine. No one should take the flu vaccine. And in fact when I was head of   CDC, I wanted to make that as a   public statement and I refused to say that you should take the flu vaccine.   That’s why I’m now professor at Harvard.” Dr. Alexander Langmuir (1910-1993)   Former Chief Epidemiologist for the CDC


“If a person had five consecutive flu shots — their chance of contracting Alzheimer’s disease is 10 times higher than the non-vaccinated person.” Hugh Fudenburg, M.D., Ph.D., Author of over 80 research papers in Medicine, Biology & Immunology

“Tetanus vaccine is probably one of the most ridiculous vaccines ever. Your chances of getting tetanus are about the same as walking out of here and getting hit by a meteor. If you get a cut or puncture wound and you put peroxide on it, your chances of getting tetanus are zero because tetanus organism is anaerobic. It cannot live in oxygen. Tetanus comes from the bowels of animals. As long as you don’t have a sheep or a cow in your house, I don’t think you’re in any danger.” Russell Blaylock, M.D. 


“God did not intend for animal viruses to be injected directly into the human bloodstream.” Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. 

“The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” Dr. James R. Shannon, Former Director, National Institutes of Health


“I sincerely believe that vaccines cause more harm to the health   of the individual than the ‘protection’ and ‘benefit’ they are proclaimed to   provide. Staying healthy without vaccines is not only possible, but being   vaccine-free is the only way to maintain a lifetime of real health.” Dr. Sherri   Tenpenny


“The rise of mandatory and forced vaccination legislation should send a chill up every single American spine. That government can force you to accept any kind of medicine and inject you against your will is totalitarianism at its worst! This egregious form of state power is metastasizing.” Ron Paul, M.D.

“Vaccinations will one day go the way of bloodletting. Doctors of tomorrow would be shocked that, without any good research showing any benefit and with much research showing harm, we continue using this bizarre 18th-century medical practice of injecting viri, bacteria, toxins and other chemicals into our children well into the 21st century. Don’t follow advice blindly. Question authority, think for yourself, read, learn, don’t do anything unless you are sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Remember, you can’t fool mother nature.” Dr. Andrea Brisson 


“Let me state clearly and loudly that fluoridation of the water is the biggest hoax in medical history perpetrated on innocent people in the name of science.” Paavo Airola, Ph.D., N.D.


“In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death and causes it faster than any other chemical.” Dr. Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus of the National Cancer Institute


“Fluoride makes your body absorb extra aluminum, and where does the aluminum go? Your brain. And what metal shows up alarmingly in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims? You guessed it.” William Douglass, M.D. 


“In my mind, both kinds of user — the one who gets the drugs from a doctor and the one who buys them from a dealer — are doing the same thing: altering their chemistry with an exogenous substance that has widespread effects, many of which are not fully understood, in order to change feelings they don’t want to have.” Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.


“I am convinced that unconditional love is the most powerful known stimulant of the immune system. If I told patients to raise their blood levels of immune globulins or killer T cells, no one would know how. But if I can teach them to love themselves and others fully, the same changes happen automatically. The truth is: love heals.” Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of Love Medicine & Miracles


“In my counseling I have found that practically everyone (on a subconscious level), does not love themselves. They do not accept themselves nor trust themselves. Most of these same people don’t even like themselves. Interestingly enough, they all think they like, love, accept and trust themselves. But sub-consciously, they do not feel it.” Karol K. Truman, Author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die


“If you were taught that having enough faith that God will heal you, and you feel chronically sick, do you then judge yourself as unfaithful? What did your religious tradition say about the unfaithful? Did they inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? … Do you believe yourself abandoned by God?” Dr. Keesha Ewers


“Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D.


“The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” Benjamin Disraeli, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1804-1881