We offer EDS (Electro Dermal Screening) a non-invasive way to scan your body to identify energetic stressors that cause imbalances. Once we identify the toxins causing imbalances we custom make an energetic imprint remedy to remove toxins and balance your body.

EDS – Identifying The Toxins Causing Your Symptoms

  • Heavy Metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, copper, cadmium)
  • Pesticides
  • Parasites 
  • Calcium Plaquing 
  • Chemical Poisoning 
  • Food Allergies   
  • Inhalant Allergies 
  • Viruses/Bacteria  
  • Fungus/Yeast/Candida 
  • Glyphosate toxicity
  • Mold
  • Vaccination Toxicity 
  • Suppressed Emotions 
  • Radiation Poisoning 
  • Miasms
  • Prescription Drug Toxins 
  • Free Radicals
  • Aspartame Poisoning 
  • Electromagnetic Stress 
  • Herpes 
  • Lyme Disease 
  • Silicone Poisoning  
  • Nicotine Poisoning
  • Epstein-Barr Virus 
  • Coxsackie Virus  
  • Mucor Racemosus 
  • Chakra Imbalances
  • Aspergillus Niger 
  • EMF’s
  • MSG Poisoning 
  • Arterial Plaquing 
  • Acidosis 
  • Gluten/Dairy Allergies

We also do a scan to check for energetic imbalances with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, vertebrae and teeth.  A custom energetic formula is then made to help balance your hormonal and nutritional needs. 

How much is a first time EDS evalution/appointment?

$200 plus you get a free copy of Dr. Sainsbury's book, Healing Poisoned Medicine

Follow up appointments are  1/2 price - $100 

Children (12 & under) are $50

               Quotes To Ponder


“As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine unless you are fortunate enough to have a naturopathic physician available. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone.” Alan Greenburg, M.D.

“Drug   companies freely offer this ‘education’ so they can persuade doctors to   ‘push’ their products. It is evident that the massive quantities of drugs   prescribed in this country violate the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors   to ‘First do no harm.’ We have been programmed by pharmaceutical corporations   to become a nation of prescription drug-popping junkies with tragic results.   We need to step back and incorporate the discoveries of quantum physics into  biomedicine so that we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is   attuned to the laws of Nature.” Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 

“One does not kill flies with shotguns nor manipulate electrons with hammers; and neither will many human maladies be ‘fixable’ with our current shotguns and hammers, our drugs and surgical procedures.” Larry Dossey, M.D. 


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