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“Treating humans without concept of energy is treating dead matter.” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. - Hungary (Nobel Prize Laureate 1893-1986)


A complete CEDSA test takes about 1-1/2 hours.  It costs $200 and you will receive a detailed printout of the test results. A program will be given to you for the nutritional and detoxification (vitamins, herbs & homeopathic) products that have shown to balance your body.


For individuals who live too far away to come in for a CEDSA test we do offer phone consultations for $50. Simply fill out our Clinical Appraisal Form and fax or mail it back to us.  Our Fax # is 256 543 3801. Dr. Sainsbury will evaluate your symptoms and then call you for further consultation.  A program to help your body to become balanced with nutritional and detoxification products will be suggested. We will then ship you your products to help you get well.  We accept checks and all major credit cards.   


“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.” Professor William Tiller - Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford University


CEDSA represents a major breakthrough in providing modern complementary health-care and problem identification to the general public at a reasonable cost.  It utilizes a computer-based, integrated instrument, which measures the energy balances and imbalances of the body.  CEDSA maps the energetic levels of the organs, endocrine glands, digestive, immune, and lymphatic systems of your body as well as indicating any vitamin or mineral imbalances. In addition to CEDSA, you may be surprised to know that EKG, EEG, EMG, and MRI use the same energetic field of the body to make their findings for medical diagnosis.


CEDSA pinpoints and allows us to eliminate toxins and stressors in your body.  The following symptom-causing toxins may be contributers to imbalances in the body that can be identified through CEDSA testing.


Heavy metals                                     Pesticides                                Parasites

Chemical Poisoning                           Food Allergies                        Inhalant Allergies

Viruses                                               Bacteria                                  Fungus

Candida Yeast                                    Molds                                     Vaccination Toxicity

Radiation Poisoning                           Miasms                                   Drug Toxins

Aspartame Poisoning                         Acidosis                                  Mercury Poisoning

Herpes                                                Lymes Disease                       Mucor Racemosus

Silicone Poisoning                             Ulcers                                     Free Radical Damage

Epstein-Barr virus                              Coxsackie virus                     Aspergillus Niger

MSG Poisoning                                  Arterial plaquing                    Lead Poisoning

Calcium plaquing                               Suppressed Emotions             Nicotine Poisoning    


CEDSA informs us of the most effective, natural, homeopathic and herbal products to eliminate these toxins and bring wellness and balance back to the body. These products are safe and have no toxic side effects like prescription drugs have.


“The magnetic electrical research field will come to prove that the human body is an electrical being and our health depends on the energy currents which run through the body.” George S. White, M.D.


 An amazing experiment was done to prove the electrical energy flow in a living body. Chinese scientists attached wires to a person’s body and generated enough current to light a small light bulb. We are electrical beings and when the electricity isn't strong enough to light up your organs and glands you develop symptoms and eventually die. 


“The physician should look for the force and nature of illness at its source. He is not to look to that which can be seen, for we are not called to extinguish the smoke, but the fire itself.” Theophrastus Paracelsus 1493-1541




















































Acupuncture points on the hands and feet are used to check for energetic disturbances within the body. There is no piecing of the skin or electrical impulses felt.



“Electricity will become as ubiquitous in medical practice as surgery or drugs are; in many instances it will replace them.” Dr. Andrew Basett - Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center


CEDSA works by holding a brass bar in one hand which sends three volts of electricity through your body.  Of course nothing is felt because the current is so small.  Pressing acupuncture points on the hands and feet with a probe allows us to measure energetic stress in the body.  There is no piercing of the skin, discomfort or side effects.


“If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy.” Richard Gerber, M.D. - Author of Vibrational Medicine


At Harvard medical school a relationship was shown to exist between physical health and energy fields. A cell was found to be held in homeostasis at a certain electromagnetic frequency. When that frequency was altered either positively or negatively, and not returned to equilibrium within 72 hours, the cell died. Every health problem is primarily, therefore, an energetic one, which can be detected and influenced prior to physical manifestations of the condition. CEDSA provides us with vital information needed to make wise and informed decisions about our bodily needs and health concerns.


“Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented via energy field assessment.” George Crile Sr., M.D. - Founder of the Cleveland Clinic 1864-1943


 Physics teaches us that every object on earth has a certain vibrational frequency that can destroy itself completely. Opera singers can shatter wineglasses when high notes are hit with the perfect tone.  A plucked string on a guitar can cause another string on a different guitar in the same room to start vibrating.  Would it not make sense that every disease resonates at a certain vibrational frequency?  CEDSA is an electrical device used for identifying energetic disturbances in the body and which remedies are best for the individual being tested to come back into balance.  Balance is the key to health.



CEDSA (Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis)